Emergency safe and vault opening

British lock from the XIX century.

From the old-times most secure way to preserve valuables, papers or moneys was safe-deposit boxes or vaults. With course of time technology improves and producers offer to the customers new goods that aren't easy to use right away. Moreover none insured against the breakdown, loss of the key or forgetting password to the box. That's why emergency opening service stays urgent and welcoming today in Ukraine, in Rivne and region.

What to do if you lost key from your safe box or it was broken? First of all calm down it's not a problem, second of all ask for the guy from our company. We know how to restore combination of numbers that was lost. Or if you had lost the key from box we can make a duplicate of it. Take into account that we made an emergency opening of metal boxes without circular saw - it will not be damaged and afterwards will serve you again. After we have open the safe change the numbers or substitute the lock for another one. Your metal box will work for you many year after this. After we have open the safe that closed by the key you should only decide how many keys you are going to use.

Remember that emergency opening it would be better to confess to our guy. Even if you wanted to open it by yourself think twice before apply hummer, drill or circular saw to it. You can easily destroy the safe-deposit box. Try to believe that there are several possibility to open it and not to harm it. After our service you can use it and even change secret numbers of you the lock. Old keys and secret will be substituted. It will be impossible to open safe with old ones.

Our services:
- Opening of the boxes with combination and mechanical lock;
- Changing the code of the vault;
- Metal box and cabinet opening;
- After we open the safe we can make new keys in case they are lost;
- Changing of the locks with different level of complexity;
- Opening safe or vault with broken lock;
- Nullification of electric lock's code;
- Retail and wholesale of lock box and vaults in Rivne and region;
- Vault's securing in place with anchors;
- Alarm and warning system installation;
- Lock and lock box repair.

Our advices: Don't keep spare keys from the lock box inside that box. In case you will have lost you main key you should ask for help to our team. Of course we will open it quickly and quality, doesn't matter will it be mechanical or electrical lock or we don't care of the lock complexity. But remember that only expert can open vault with destroying it for future using.